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See What's Happening at The EPA Hearings in New York
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The People of Shale Country

Meet the people of Shale Country. Hear their voices. See their faces. To spend just a moment with them is to witness their connection to the land and to each other.

Explore: Places

The Shale Gas Landscape

The geography of Shale Country is defined by rock formations that lie thousands of feet below the surface.

You won't find them on Google Maps or MapQuest – at least not yet. But you can trace them all here and locate the communities that lie above. Use this as a road map to America's newest energy frontier and the stories on this site.

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The Shale Gas Community

Want to know who's connected to whom on Or what they do for a living? This is the place to start. And it's a quick way to get a bird's eye view of the new business relationships that natural gas is creating.